Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tips For Buying Produce

Does the produce aisle intimidate you?  Here are some tips for getting the freshest fruits and veggies for your diet:

Fresh or Frozen?

Most produce is just as nutritious frozen as it is fresh, so think about your eating habits. If you use it up slowly, pack your freezer, but if your family goes through produce quickly, stick with fresh for better taste and texture.


Don’t think you’ll finish them in 3 to 5 days? Buy frozen instead.


Avoid bananas that are too green, particularly for use in smoothies to avoid a strange tangy taste.

Green onions

Green onions are much easier to use then whole onions for small meals. Just chop the tips and toss the bulb.

Bagged baby spinach leaves

Peek through the bottom of the bag. If you see any mush, choose another package.


Look for tight buds or florets; they indicate a fresher find.


Avoid peppers with wrinkly skin – a sign of aging.

Mixed Green salad blend

The more color the greater the antioxidants.  Choose bags with red radicchio, pale green endive, and dark green spinach.

The darker black the better.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Fast Workout

If you are looking for something challenging (and fast!) this is the workout for you!

Great Leg and Arm Workout - Zumba

This workout will really work your arms and legs - and it's fun too!

Toning Video

I love Zumba, but was looking for a way to add some more strength training, and this video definitely fits the bill!